'Mythbusters' 'Breaking Bad': Methbusters prove and disprove 2 iconic Season 1 moments

For the "Breaking Bad" episode of "Mythbusters," creator Vince Gilligan and star Aaron Paul challenged the "methbusters" to go after two iconic Season 1 events of the popular AMC drama. The first one they took on was when Walt and Jesse were going to use hydrofluoric acid to dispose of a body in "Cat's in the Bag" -- and instead Jesse ate a hole through his upstairs bathroom and down onto the main floor below. In the first, smaller-scale experiment, it turns out the hydrofluoric acid only ate through the cast-iron and the drywall and did not completely get rid of the pig that was substituting for a human body. The steel, linoleum and wood were unaffected by the acid. The methbusters did find a mixture that would liquify a dead pig's body, like the body in the bathtub. It was made up of sulfuric acid and a "secret sauce" that turbo-charges the acid. The...



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