'Under the Dome': The monarch will be crowned

On the latest episode of "Under the Dome," there's a shoot-out over Ollie Dinsmore's well and Julia keeps investigating the cause of the dome, thanks to Joe and Norrie's discovery. The DomeJoe mentions the "egg" to Julia and she demands to be taken there, like the intrepid reporter she is. When they arrive, the egg is glowing pink (it seemed to "come alive" when Joe was drawing a picture of it) and when Julia touches the dome, she sees another Joe, who says, "The monarch will be crowned."What does that mean? Well, the show is diverging wildly from the book at this point, so honestly, it's anybody's guess. Who do you think the monarch is? Big Jim? Joe? Angie? Somebody else entirely?The TownThere's not a lot of food left, so the only course of action is to grow crops, but Ollie's monopoly on the well -- and his band of farmer thugs -- is problematic....



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