'Under the Dome' Recap: The Monarch Will Be Crowned, Whatever That Means

Man, how great was Dean Norris this week? The subtle emotion betraying a deep inner turmoil. The slow build to a heartbreaking revelation. And that payoff -- yup, Breaking Bad sure was great, and it's a reminder of how much better Norris and indeed the medium of television can be than the meandering mess we have on CBS on Monday night.

Is it fair to compare one of TV's most ambitious shows with one of its least? Probably not. But if you're a serious, avid TV watcher, then the fall TV season has arrived with a vengeance, and Under the Dome's summer laziness feels less justified than ever. We're all remembering what Norris can do with a good script an an assured authorial vision. We're engaging with stories that don't rely on mumbo-jumbo mystery phrases to build suspense. And while I'm not entirely proud to open this recap with a hacky, predictable bait-and-switch, Under the Dome isn't the least bit ashamed to end on one. Read More...



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