'Siberia' recap: Valley people, death and echoes of Tunguska

It's getting weird out in "Siberia." Deadly weird.After finding out last week that the base camp was destroyed, the radios didn't work and no helicopter was coming, the contestants surely hoped that things would get better. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.Everything got worse -- much worse.What crazy stuff happened this week?The base camp isn't just destroyed -- it's covered with blood and disturbingly lacking in bodies.Instead of dealing with survival issues only, a lot of time is spent screaming at Esther. She does deserve it.The giant mystery box offers up a gas mask this time.Johnny throws a tantrum and tips over the box. Inside the box, there are gears and a timer -- no one has to control the box at any given time.The contestants are in "group C." What happened to groups A and B?Everyone collects a lot of wood to build a signal fire. You know, so all of the people nearby (in...



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