Under the Dome Recap: Git Off My Land


Tuning in to Under the Dome after Sunday night's excellent Breaking Bad premiere was bound to be awkward. Opening the episode on Big Jim Rennie made it all the more jarring, like he’d been having a nightmare of another life where he just had a very intense scene in a garage with Walter White. "You're no son of mine," Big Jim tells Li'l Junior Jim, deciding that if he's going to slash his son's heart, he better do it with a trusty cliché. At least it's not drama just for the sake of being drama — it's believable that Jim, no matter what he's done or who he's killed, would be disgusted by his son chaining up a young woman for a week, then illegally going all bloodlusty on some hicks. It's just icky. And Jim's too busy rationalizing his own wrongdoings to sort out his son's. Read More...



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