Episode 10, "Let Them Eat Cake"

After last week's big hostage episode, this week's installment of House went for something a little smaller, and you know what? I liked it better. Almost every character got a storyline, and some of them were awfully clever. Cuddy and House become office-mates, Thirteen starts her clinical trial, and Kutner reveals an, uh, interesting strategy for making money on the side. Ready to talk about it? Just read more.

I really liked the patient's story this week, which is rather surprising since I usually treat the cases as kind of an afterthought. As a personal trainer who'd had gastric bypass surgery to do what she's now convincing her clients they can do naturally, she's a perfect representation of a bunch of House's themes: lying, cheating, denial, etc. Taub, in particular, is wildly offended by her lies - honestly, why does he think he's so morally superior? - and she rightly points out that it's not like he's never been a hypocrite. The ending of her story also surprised me: Faced with the choice of being thin and sick or heavier and healthy, she chooses her beauty over a diet of cookies and cake.

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