'Teen Wolf' casts Doug Jones as (another) new killer

Because there aren't enough bloodthirsty killers on "Teen Wolf" Season 3, the horror series has cast Doug Jones as a new murderer set to arrive in town later in the season. Jones will play a man (or monster or both) named Barrow, according to a report from TVLine. This Barrow fellow is a "known killer" who comes to the supernaturally afflicted town of Beacon Hills for some reason. Arriving for episode 15 (titled "Galvanize") of the current Season 3, the Jones character will not be seen until "Teen Wolf" returns from hiatus in Jan. 2014.What kind of a killer is Barrow? So far, the show has had human, werewolf, kanima and druid killers, so Barrow could easily be one of those. We also just found out that the supernatural-attracting electromagnetism underneath Beacon Hills is going to draw in all sorts of new baddies -- Barrow could be one of those.While not a household name,...



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