'Suits' quotes: Amazing words from 'Shadow of a Doubt'

With so much deception in the "Suits" episode, "Shadow of a Doubt," it's good that some of the dialog was able to keep things lighter. The lines were so good, in fact, that there is no way to better celebrate the episode than with the best quotes from Harvey, Donna, Louis and the rest."You fit the dentist in at lunch?" - Harvey"He can be surprisingly quick. Yet remarkably thorough." - Donna"You're letting your Mini Me make your arguments now?" - Cameron"You let your mustache?" - Harvey"Turn bulls*** highway into ... fact highway!" - Mike"At this firm, we instruct, we advise, we order, we must, but we do not shall!" - Louis"A memo from Nigel is not going to stick its boot in your a**. A memo from me will. Get out." - Louis"Well doesn't he have his hand in a lot of cookie jars ..." - Rachel on Stephen and Donna's relationship"You want me...



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