'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'The Mirror Has Three Faces'

"Pretty Little Liars" the show has done a good job of taking elements from the "PLL" books but retaining its own identity. But in "The Mirror Has Three Faces," it became increasingly obvious that CeCe Drake is not only dangerous, but she's also likely the embodiment of one of the later books' twists. Is CeCe Alison's twin?

The producers have said that they're not exploring that particular storyline, but something is definitely up. In this episode we learned that not only did CeCe maybe harbor a very long-standing grudge against the girls, but she and Alison also had a very creepy, unhealthy relationship where they took on each other's personalities. All signs are pointing to CeCe being the one sneaking under the DiLaurentis house, sending Toby the sheet music and generally tormenting the girls. Things aren't usually what they seem on "PLL," so will the next two episodes give us another villain to root against? Will CeCe get what she deserves? Or will we find out an even deeper connection to Alison than we even knew was possible? Read More...



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