Twisted Season 1 Review “Poison of Interest”

That pesky soccer team poisoning mystery just won’t go away on this week’s Twisted, ‘Poison of Interest’, as Danny’s place at Green Grove High is put in jeopardy. The coach that vouched for him has been fired and even Jo and Lacey aren’t on his side, so it’s up to Karen, Danny and some unlikely allies to keep him in school and out of a jail cell.

Last week was about Danny making strides in the real world, getting Kyle Masterson on side and putting most of his cards on the table with the girls. Now, however, he has to deal with the high school politics that come with being a convicted murderer at 17-years-old, and jocks and mean girls can be worse than cops and principles in a situation like this. Needing to find enough people to vouch for him at the school board hearing, he has no choice but to go to Tyler for any favorable interviews he might have gotten for his documentary.



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