The Bridge Season 1 Review “ID”

For the first five weeks of the season, The Bridge took us to a lot of different locales and introduced us to a number of different people. The central conceit of the show was a mystery surrounding a seemingly unstoppable serial killer, but the show became far more than that very quickly. The show seemed to be spreading itself out with designs on creating a large tapestry from which to work in subsequent seasons. Plus, these fringe characters were either very engaging, or piqued your curiosity. As discussed many times in this space, the tapestry became so rich that it superseded the murder mystery. The show really took its time building us and the world to this point. Given the breakneck nature of running a television show, I’m impressed Meredith Stiehm and company decided to slow play us before starting to show their hand. All the temptations were there to let us all the way in, but The Bridge has a ton of confidence in the story it’s telling, and rightfully so. The show has routinely opted for the artful storytelling option instead of the most satisfying one. It’s a series that trusts its vision and resists the urge to stray from it. It may brush up against the edge constantly, but it’s disciplined enough to not take the plunge.



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