Franklin & Bash Season 3 Finale 2013 Review “Gone in a Flash” – Summer’s Over

In the Season 3finale of Franklin & Bash, called “Gone in a Flash,” Pindy gets himself and the boys into big trouble, Damien fights for a judge’s chair, and Rob Lowe returns.

Well, it’s not a season finale of this show unless the boys are somehow in BIG trouble and I think the trouble they got into in this episode certainly qualified. Of course it wasn’t entirely their fault since it was Pindy who initially got in trouble, but he did sort of take the boys with him so it still counts. I knew something was up as soon as Pindy freaked out about the court taking his hard drive, but I almost forgot about the fire so I didn’t think it would be that. It was rough seeing the boys trying to defend him while still thinking that he was guilty (heck, I had just assumed this whole time that he was guilty), but it was great that they still were able to pull off one of their awesome defenses to help him out.



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