The Bridge Recap: All in the Family


Everything is interconnected, the Bridge Butcher keeps reminding us. In this week’s episode of The Bridge, the evidence in the escalating cross-border murder case illustrated just how true that is.


First our detectives confirmed that the killer’s latest target, Peter Meadows, was indeed a therapist for many law enforcement officials. Then Marco Ruiz further confirmed that one of those law enforcement officials was Lieutenant Hank Wade.

As Hank confessed to Marco, he went to see the shrink because — BIG REVEAL — he was the detective who investigated the rape and murder of Sonya’s sister and fired the bullet into Jim Dobbs’s brain that rendered him mentally incapacitated, only capable of coloring childlike drawings that later wind up on refrigerators. “I was troubled with what I did to the little sister,” Hank explained, “I took away any hope she had of getting answers.” Just as Sonya attempted to connect with Gina Meadows — the rattled daughter who saw “the Beast” tie her father’s fatal Colombian necktie — Hank once tried to connect with a 15-year-old Sonya and felt that he failed, which is why he’s still acting as a father figure to her so many years later.  Read More...


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