Burn Notice Season 7 Review “Things Unseen”

This week’s Burn Notice asked some hard questions and provided no real answers. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this episode, and I think that was kind of the point. There were a lot of hard questions and a lot of difficult decisions that had to be made. By asking the questions and allowing each of the characters to make a choice and live with the consequences, it revealed more about the characters and more about the nature of friendship and family.

Michael was, once again, forced to do something he found immensely disagreeable. Sonya had orders from James that they were to kill an old friend of Michael’s named Steele. Steele was some sort of spy broker, and he’d been asking questions and poking around looking for information on Michael. Apparently, James didn’t like that, so he sent Sonya and Michael to take Steele out. Their first plan failed, so Sonya was ready to level Steele’s whole compound killing everyone inside. Michael came up with a plan to get Steele out in the open and take him out with a sniper rifle. That way the only person who would die was Steele. The mission was accomplished, but not without a lot of inner conflict for Michael. He desperately wanted to avoid killing the man, but he knew if he didn’t, others would die. Michael already doesn’t like killing people if it can be avoided, but to have to kill someone he considered a friend was infinitely harder.

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