Low Winter Sun Season 1 Review “The Goat Rodeo”

The investigation began in earnest in “The Goat Rodeo,” this week’s episode of Low Winter Sun. With a suspicious IA officer on their trail and their own screw-ups to contend with, the question this week was how well Agnew and Geddes would be able to keep their trails covered.

So far, the duo done a great job of distancing from one another. Of course, given that they’re both cops, it makes sense they would know how to play this. Still, Geddes in particular is really selling his anger, not only with Agnew, but the whole department. As I said last week, it remains to be seen how trustworthy a figure Geddes actually is. It’s still a possibility that he was more involved in McCann’s dirty dealings than he lets on, especially given his cocaine addiction and familiarity with the criminals McCann was working with. He said his life was threatened at the end, but there’s no evidence either way yet.




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