Copper Season 2 Review “Ashes Denote That Fire Was”

Copper decided it was time to take care of business and wrapped up several loose ends last night. This could have come a couple episodes earlier, but at least now the door is open to some new and more exciting storylines.

The last episode ended in a huge shocker with Corcoran discovering his wife Ellen’s body hanging from the rafters. He lost not only his wife, but his unborn child. I have to say that I expected to see a more devastated Corcoran when the story picked back up this week. Not so much. Corcoran seemed to deal with the loss surprisingly well. He didn’t retreat to a dark alley to nurse his sorrows with a hefty dose of opium. Instead, he took charge, held a wake, and cremated Ellen’s body in order to surreptitiously lay her to rest near their daughter, Maggie. The most surprising turn of events was that he even quasi-reconciled with Maguire. Both loved Ellen and both suffered a loss, so in a way it made sense that it would bring them together. I’ve been a big proponent of having Maguire be Corcoran’s nemesis. Now, I’m starting to think it might be more interesting to have the two of them team up again.



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