'Big Brother 15': Helen may be done for

It's time for the Sunday episode of "Big Brother 15," which Andy and McCrae decided on the live feeds last night is the most boring of the three broadcasts. We cannot disagree. Post Eviction/HOH Amanda's pretty proud of herself for getting Jessie out. Yeah, she's running the game and she's pretty funny. But she's also kind of a gross person and is getting the world's best edit by CBS since Jeff played this game, so we just can't root for Amanda. Aaryn is the HOH for roughly the 26th time this summer, though Amanda was thisclose to winning it -- and by "thisclose," we mean nobody picked her to do a face off until the end of the comp, then her boyfriend threw it to her, then Aaryn waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and finally had to ring in because Amanda's too dumb to win an HOH even when it is...



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