'Dexter' Season 8 episode 8: 'Different first names, same family'

"Are We There Yet?" has visions of a happy (albeit twisted) little "Dexter" family dancing in our heads, until it all comes crashing down in the final frames. We've said it before -- we are clinging to hopes that things end happily for Dexter, Deb, Harrison and the rest of them when the series wraps up in a few short weeks. The introduction of pseudo-mom Dr. Vogel and now pseudo-son Zach, plus the reemergence of Dexter's love Hannah definitely had our little serial killer-loving heart singing.This episode was chock full of delightful family moments, from "What'd you think of the room? Wait, did you do something to it?" to "Elbows off the table" to "Not a chance, my car's older than you."Even Deb seems on board with Dexter's little family, choosing to let Hannah go because she knows how much Hannah means to Dexter. So, can't they all just sail off into the sunset, dispatching...



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