'Breaking Bad' episode 510 - 'Buried': Walt digs a hole while Hank digs for proof

There is still a lot of ground to cover between the present on "Breaking Bad" and the future we've glimpsed where Walt is carrying a machine gun in his trunk and retrieving poison from his empty, graffiti-covered house.But there was almost no way Sunday's (Aug. 18) episode, "Buried," couldn't pick up in the immediate aftermath of where the previous installment, "Blood Money," left off. It also carried over the mood of "Blood Money's" final minutes, giving the entire hour an unnerving, claustrophobic feel. Seriously, when was the last time an episode of TV that was largely made up of two-person dialogue scenes felt as suspenseful as this?Each conversation -- Hank and Skyler, Skyler and Marie, Hank and Marie the next morning, Walt and Skyler in the bathroom -- is shot primarily in closeups or tight two-person shots, adding to the penned-in quality of the episode and mirroring what pretty much everyone is feeling. For an...



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