'True Blood' Season 6 finale recap: 'Radioactive' reveals a brand new Bon Temps

"True Blood's" Season 6 finale was a beginning as much as it was an ending. After the events of "Life Matters" made it clear that the vampires at the Vamp Camp were safe, the series didn't take long making it clear that Warlow is in fact the evil creature everyone originally thought he was. When Sookie tries to ask him to date her instead of forcing her to marry him, he flips back to the wrathful creature that viewers were first introduced to and tries to force her to become a fairy vampire. Bill, having lost his Lilith side, finally comes to terms with what he put Sookie through. Jessica convinces Bill to save Sookie, so with the help of Jason, Violet, Adaline and Andy, they rescue Sookie from her undead fate and face off against Warlow. Lilith's progeny finds himself staked into a pile of goo when Niall forces himself into the human...



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