The Newsroom Recap: If, Then


Whose inner self is more hollowed out: Will’s or Jerry’s? We know Will’s affliction — a seemingly unending need to be loved, unless that love is coming from the people he loves himself. That emptiness leaves Will feeling like his focus-group graphs look — but for Will the ups and downs don’t end when News Night does. His trauma lingers, and even though he’s spent the last two years of News Night time talking about it, his relationship to the trauma doesn’t really change. He’s still haunted, he’s still searching, and he’s still acting out because of it.


What, then, to make of Jerry Dantana? What is this guy up to? With things like The Wire and Shattered Glass, we’ve seen movies and TV shows depict what drives plagiarists and fabricators to become journalistic pariahs. We’ve been told that reporters who commit journalism’s cardinal sin are erring because of their own psychological weaknesses. What makes the journalistic transgressor’s narrative so fascinating is that he tries to fill his private shortcomings in public.

But is that what’s going on with Jerry? It’s tough to know. The Newsroom has been judicious in its use of Jerry this season, keeping him on the sidelines of the core News Night group and never following him home from the office. To my recollection, we’ve never seen Jerry at a bar, which is telling on a series where any important interpersonal development happens with beer, wine, or Charlie’s whiskey in hand. Until last night, we had never even seen Jerry alone; he’s a cipher with a Jimferiority complex.Read More...


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