'Under the Dome': Maxine brings the Rapture to Chester's Mill

"The Fourth Hand" has set several big things in motion heading towards the season finale in four weeks, so let's dive right in to the latest episode of "Under the Dome."The RaptureLinda takes down a tweaker at the site of an accidental shooting who reveals to her that Rev. Coggins was the local drug pusher, pedaling something he called "The Rapture," so now we know the meth stand-in that the show is using versus the book.This leads Linda to find Coggins' ingredient list in his funeral home and realize the town's stockpile of liquid propane was actually for the manufacture of said Rapture. She talks to Andrea Grinnell and looks at surveillance footage from the propane warehouse and sees that Duke Perkins was in on it to some degree and so was a woman whom we aren't sure Linda knows yet.The WomanThere's a new sheriff in town for Big Jim and Barbie in the form...



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