'Siberia': The big chill descends on the contestants in 'First Snow'

Things are getting cold in "Siberia." That wouldn't be a big surprise, except it's supposed to still be summer in the remote and creepy wilds of Russia. Considering the season, a heavy snowfall isn't the most likely event.But that's what they got this time. No one seemed to enjoy it much.At the campFor the most part, this installment of camp life involves a great deal of moaning (some of it from poor Irene). They also drink vodka. The more important events are:The idea of putting Irene out of her misery is floated -- and then championed by Biljan.Sabina disappears briefly and then returns with her stash of food and clothing. She later leads some of the others to the destroyed base camp for more.Annie turns out to be a lapsed Catholic with an impressive knowledge of prayers. This leads to a theological discussion.Biljan acts crazy and evil (again). His threats against Irene land him...



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