Under the Dome Recap: Ever Been to a Planetarium?


The day begins with Barbie — one of many people trapped within a town-size, missile-proof dome — grumbling that the idea of a black rhythm shaker egg inside a mini-dome sounds "kinda out-there." Shumway laughs about having to explain things twenty times, which, just … grr. Barbie suddenly accepts the mini-dome’s existence, sight unseen, and posits a planetarium theory wherein the mini-dome is projecting the big dome. That’s not at all out-there. The contradictions, the plodding rehashing — this is Under the Dome. Which is sometimes a pretty okay show, although not so much tonight. Fortunately it also tends to be a show that regains its uncertain appeal by the time each new episode comes back. The shoddy work shows itself ten times more than the inspiring, intriguing material, but somehow the latter has sticking power, while the former’s easy to shake off. For me, at least. For now, at least.  Read More...




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