Episode Recap: "Rise Up"

This week on Grey's Anatomy, Dr. Hunt gets under Cristina's skin; the residents compete for a solo surgery; Izzie can't shake a certain ghost and Dr. Hahn pushes the wrong person too far.

While recent news indicated that Dr. Hahn would be making an abrupt exit from Seattle Grace, it was unclear how such a drastic change of events could take place so quickly. After watching this episode, it would appear as though there are still a number of loose ends. What we do know is that Erica lost it with the Chief when she found out about the Izzie/Denny heart theft that went virtually unreported and she has taken major issue with Callie's "kind of" lesbian status. What still remains to be seen is how that last fight she had with Callie will end up finalizing Erica's departure. Will Erica still file a report to have Izzie and Bailey investigated for the whole heart debacle that took place a while back? Or will Callie's speech about people losing their jobs at the hospital force Erica to rethink her tactics and instead go "quietly into the night?" I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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Nov 7, 2008 1:13PM EST

Is there any chance of a link being put up that isn't ABC because you can't watch that link unless you are in the states!thanks

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