'The Soup' goes live for episode 500, but was it worth it?

What's a basic cable clip show full of snark to do when celebrating their ungodly milestone of 500 episodes? Why, go live, of course -- which is exactly what E!'s "The Soup" did on Wednesday (Aug. 21).Part of the appeal of watching TV shows go live for the first time is the possibility that something might go horribly, horribly awry. Whether it's someone forgetting their lines or an accidental f-bomb, we want to see the flubs. So, did "The Soup" deliver?Well, yes and no. Host Joel McHale and his crew pulled off a perfectly professionally live broadcast that, oddly, felt like a bit of a disappointment. Beyond the fact that there wasn't a single flub to laugh at, the show didn't even remotely deviate from its weekly formula, making us wonder what, exactly, the point was.Sure, the running gag with guest star B.J. Novak as the episode's social media correspondent who can't even connect to...



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