'Big Brother 15': Aaryn's black llama named 'Martin Luther' raises several questions

Aaryn just keeps making it harder and harder for the PR expert her family reportedly hired for when she exits the "Big Brother 15" house. Read on to find out what's up, and be sure to sign up for the live feeds to watch the fallout after a houseguest returns on tonight's live show.Last night, at around 12:45 am PT in the kitchen area, Spencer, Aaryn and Amanda are talking about animals while a couple other hamsters mill around in the kitchen. And Spencer and Aaryn have the following exchange:Aaryn: "My llama, my dad named it Martin Luther."Spencer: "The Protestant reformer? What color was the llama?"Aaryn: "Black. She had a white baby though."Spencer: "What did y'all name that one, James Earl Ray."Aaryn: "Um, no, I don't remember what my dad named it."Oh my god, y'all. There's almost too many things about that exchange. First off, kudos to Spencer for knowing A) who Martin Luther was...



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