True Blood 6.10 "Radioactive" Review: Time is Due

Historically, True Blood doesn’t handle resolution very well. This shouldn’t be particularly surprising: Most of the drama in True Blood is tongue-in-cheek. It’s an absurd show that knows it’s absurd. We watch it because of this tenor and (I suppose) because we like vampire mythology. But how do you sufficiently conclude a season of such a show?

The problem is, because the drama is often leavened with absurdity, the resolution always feels rushed and flat. “Radiation” also suffers from this issue. After Sookie welshes on her deal with Warlow because her friends are safe now, Warlow slaps her. He tells her that that is unacceptable and that he was just sought to use her this whole time, that her feelings are ultimately immaterial. Really? Well, you fooled me, Warlow.

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