"There's two things in life everyone is powerless against -- love and revenge."

So says the Caped Crusader in this week's episode of Beware the Batman, "Toxic." On the macro, I'm not sure I can agree with you there, Bats. But if we narrow our vision a bit, maybe there's something to this. Perhaps the revenge portion is true for this Batman, who is still in the early stages of his career as a crimefighter after all. Certainly, Bruce Wayne had to be driven by revenge initially, when his parents were slaughtered before his eyes as a boy. But ultimately, Batman is not about revenge… in time he transcends that more base impulse, turning his fight against the criminal underworld into a quest for justice. Beware's Batman is surely for justice, but could he still have some of that need for revenge lurking inside as well? (We really don't know at this point whether or not he's ever gotten vengeance against whoever murdered his parents, do we?)



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