Jobs - Review

Two years ago, Steve Jobs' death was followed by a tidal wave of commentary (the tributes, the Walter Isaacson biography, the why-the-iPod-is-as-major-an-invention-as-the-lightbulb analysis). As a result, most viewers will go into Jobs, a biopic about the Apple co-founder and black-turtlenecked guru of the technocratic age, knowing two fundamental things about him: that he was a visionary perfectionist obsessed with melding technological form and function into products that would tickle the hearts and minds of the people who used them; and that he was so possessed by that mission that he could be a control-freak dictator, a fanatic, an over-the-top jerk. Still, watching Jobs, with its basic warts-and-all accuracy and shrewd, unsweetened performance by Ashton Kutcher (who was obviously cast because he looks like Jobs, but who bites into the role with his incisors), I was surprised and frequently compelled by what a starkly honest portrait it is.

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