'Big Brother 15': Amanda and GinaMarie fight over who is sucking up to the HOH more

The nature of "Big Brother" is that when the balance of power shifts in the house, hamsters often have to go from "I hate so-and-so" to kissing so-and-so's butt. Such is the case this week with Elissa winning Head of Household. So, Amanda and GinaMarie get into a fight that basically boils down to who is sucking up to Elissa more. From Amanda's perspective, she's freaking out about McCrae being on the block and now GM being all buddy-buddy with Elissa, because Amanda wanted Elissa to use GM as the replacement nominee after POV. From GM's perspective, she's actually had kind of a come-to-Jesus thing with Elissa, plus GM doesn't have much of an alliance, so she's working on that. And Amanda is calling her out on something that is ... kind of the way the game works. Unless you're in Season 6 and the house is divided in half and each half openly...



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