'Breaking Bad' episode 511 - 'Confessions': Up in smoke

The past two episodes of "Breaking Bad" seemed to show a Walter White who retained a little bit of the regular-guy humanity we saw at the beginning of the series. His admission that he screwed up in allowing Hank to connect the dots to Heisenberg, in particular, felt like a man coming to terms with the fact that he might be headed for a bad end. Coupled with the fact that his cancer had returned, these small points of contrition made it appear as though Walt was ready to accept his fate.Well, never mind all that. Sunday's (Aug. 25) episode, "Confessions," shows Walt at his most monstrously manipulative -- which is saying something, given his history. The video that gives the episode its title and his fake-concerned speech to Jesse in the desert inflict deep psychological wounds on their targets. It's irredeemable behavior -- but also tactically smart thinking: If Walt really does want either...



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