Breaking Bad Recap: The Performance of a Lifetime


The confession in "Confessions" wasn't the one some of us had hoped for. Like so much that pops out of Walter White's mouth, it was a lie tailored to compliment established facts: Hank, not Walt, was the drug dealing mastermind behind the blue meth and all the murders associated with it, operating from a protected spot within the Drug Enforcement Agency. Everything in Walter's scenario seems plausible, especially the idea that Hank killed Gus Fring as revenge for the Twin's botched attempts to murder Hank in season three, and to consolidate his own power. Little details such as Walter creating Hector’s wheelchair bomb helped put it over. As Hank and Marie thought about it, they had to admit it was a scarily convincing story, one that even accounted for Walter paying for Hank's medical bills. If lies can be art, this one is Walter's masterpiece. Read More...


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