Breaking Bad Writer Gennifer Hutchison on Jesse's Best Interests and Saul's Hello Kitty Phone

So. Many. Bombshells. To very quickly recap tonight’s Breaking Bad (and it goes without saying that if you don't want to know what happened in tonight's episode, you should avert your eyes from these spoilers now): Hank’s on to Walt, but wait! Walt figures out how to frame Hank for his crimes. Jesse’s on to Walt, but wait! Walt goes in for a hug! Jesse’s on his way out of town, but wait! He realizes Walt poisoned Brock! Walt grabs a frozen gun from the A1 soda machine, Jesse goes to torch Casa White … and shit! It's over. Vulture got a hold of the episode’s writer, co-executive producer Gennifer Hutchison, to talk about the careful planning that went into the big reveals, as well as the little ones (like why Jesse chose Alaska and where Saul’s Hello Kitty phone came from). Deep breath. Read More...


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