Catfish Recap: Meet the Caped Crusader of Online Cheaters

MTV kicked off Video Music Awards night with an episode of Catfish almost as cringe-worthy as whatever it was Miley Cyrus did onstage a few hours later. And you thought you were scarred by a former Disney girl twerking all up on an oversize teddy bear!


Though he has a girlfriend-slash-baby-mama of several years, Artis has been chatting with a woman named Jess who most certainly resembles a porn star, perhaps more so than any other fake girl in Catfish history. They both live in Chicago suburbs, roughly twenty minutes apart, and have known each other for about six months. They’ve never even spoken on the phone, and she only has one photo posted on her Facebook, Jess’s reason being that she has a controlling dickwad of a boyfriend … who doesn’t seem to notice all of her naughty texts to another dude. Oh, also, she speaks openly about being single on her Facebook. That same profile features public comments questioning Jess’s legitimacy. Despite all this, Artis is ready to leave his baby mama for Jess. That’s right, folks, just one photo of an overly done-up girl with a nice rack will earn you the attention of a not-so-single father who hasn’t gotten any in a year.  Read More...


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