Dexter Recap: Mama Issues

In last week’s recap, I wondered who the Brain Surgeon could be at this late stage in the season. Seemed highly unlikely we’d meet a new character with just four episodes to go, though we know Vogel had a husband. The doc herself has been suspicious from the first episode, but sending cranial chunks to herself didn’t make sense. Astute commenter Lisamarie206 added Cassie’s beau to the list of suspects, pointing out — as we’d later see in last night’s “previously on Dexter” scenes — that he played dumb when Quinn showed him Zack’s photo, despite having seen Zack before. I’d dismissed him as too minor a character to consider for such a crucial role. But it made sense — what if this guy was watching Dexter all along and decided to move in on Cassie, like a serial killer playing a game of deadly chess? (But, um, using brainballs instead of pawns? Something like that.)  Read More...


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