Under the Dome Review: "Let the Games Begin"

It's been nine days under the dome and the Chester Mill's residents are so bored they are lured into a fight club? Seriously?

"Let the Games Begin" had more going for it than not, but Maxine and her antics were a disappointing turn for the series. The townspeople should have bigger concerns with the dome overhead than gambling with the precious resources they have left. Two days ago they were rioting for food and goods. 

The fight club at the cement factory was too reminiscent of the walker fights that the Governor hosted in Woodbury on The Walking Dead. In that case, the town had been locked up for months with adequate supplies and not days. Besides, how was Maxine able to get that set up so quickly? I was excited to find out that Natalie Zea was joining the cast since she's played such intriguing characters on both Justified and The Following, but here her character's been a letdown ... so far.  Read More...



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