Switched at Birth Season 2 Review “Departure of Summer”

As season finale’s go, Switched at Birth, ‘Departure of Summer’, didn’t skimp on the drama at all. Most of the characters have been left on cliffhangers to ensure our return in January, and there are more than a couple of developments that I’m certain will cause a lot of controversy among fans. Couples broke up, couple reconciled, and one couple in particular defied our expectations in the best way.

Let’s start with Daphne, as the bulk of the family drama was about her this week. The blackmail scandal has come out and John’s getting the blame from Coto. He’s offered a deal that involves a $50,000 payoff, and Daphne decides that she has to take drastic action to avoid truly becoming the spoiled rich girl she’s been turning into for the past two seasons. I really hope this is a turning point for Daphne, and she goes back to being the girl we knew in the pilot, but she has to pray the judge doesn’t put her in jail for her senior year first.




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