What Remains Series 1 Episode 1 (BBC1) Review

Continuing Brit TV’s current glut of top notch dramas is What Remains, a new mystery show that has more in common with haunted house horrors than it does with either The Fall or Broadchurch. Set almost entirely inside a set of flats, the story kicks in when new residents, Michael and Vidya, discover a body in the attic, undiscovered for two years.

Before we flit to present day, however, we apparently witness the last moments of the victim, Melissa Young. How she died we don’t find out in this first episode, but the how, who and why don’t even seem to be the central focus of the series. Every resident of the flats seems to have something to hide, except perhaps Michael and Vidya, and uncovering those secrets will drive us through the remaining episodes. With this and the sinister architecture of the house itself, What Remains feels like a horror story, yet one that might not even have a murderer.




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