Low Winter Sun Season 1 Review “No Rounds”

Agnew and Geddes continued to play the system and their fellow officers in “No Rounds,” this week’s episode of Low Winter Sun. While the overall pace of the episode was slower than the first two, there were still enough strong moments to make for an enjoyable hour of television.

Right off the bat, we were given a better idea of where Geddes’ loyalty lies. It was nice getting to see him actually save Katia’s life. While it solidifies the fact that he lied to Agnew in order to get his help, it also shows that he’s nowhere near as far gone as McCann was. Of course, the scene didn’t entirely absolve him, and he continued to act in a more aggressive, self-serving way than Agnew. He wants to see someone go down for the crime, whereas Agnew is dedicated to just letting the case go cold.




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