Under the Dome Recap: Hit Me As Hard As You Can

A caterpillar, the mini-dome’s newest inhabitant, signals that the prophecy about a monarch being crowned is still in play. Science Joe observes that the caterpillar is indeed wearing the right colors to one day make it into monarch butterfly society. Things are looking good for everyone who bet on the prophecy meaning a bug will get a cool hat.


The Domekidz — Angie, Joe, and Norrie — cover up the mini-dome with grandma's finest blankie and head out for the fourth handprint. Dodee, who hasn't trusted Joe and Norrie for a few episodes, discovers the mini-dome after a bit of spying. She tries her hand on the surface — there was a very distant chance she’d be the fourth hand — and gets blasted; she’s definitively not the one Dome Jr. seeks. Dodee winds up at the hospital, where a nurse is conveniently familiar enough with Angie's history to know there was a seizure-oriented incident at Ang's tenth-grade dance. All paths lead to Junior; convenience is paramount in Under the Dome.  Read More...



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