'Pretty Little Liars' Season 4 summer finale: [Spoiler] is A?!

"Pretty Little Liars" brought three and a half seasons to a head Tuesday night (Aug. 27) when they (maybe) dropped the biggest reveal the show has ever done. Don't keep reading if you haven't watched the episode yet -- big time spoiler alert!Red Coat/A/Alison/RavenswoodThe Liars receive several packages from "A" indicating that Mona is dead meat in "A's" magic show. They see that a magic show is taking place in Ravenswood and figure that can't be a coincidence, so they take off to the Land that Time Forgot to chase down the lead. There, Aria is part of Charlemagne's magic act as a misdirection so "A" can snatch Emily and put her on a collision course with a buzzsaw. But Red Coats, plural, are there to stop the conveyor, with Aria and Spencer each giving chase after one Red Coat. Aria fights with her Red Coat, who is revealed to be Cece Drake (who is...



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