'Twisted' summer finale: Is Danny's dad alive? Who really killed Regina?

"Twisted" wrapped up its summer run on Tuesday (Aug. 27), leaving fans of ABC Family's newest hit mystery series to ponder several questions until the show's return in January. Let's take a look at the ends left open, shall we?- First off, is Vikram alive? At the very end of tonight's episode, Tess (Kimberly Quinn) makes sure no one can hear her in the house, picks up a piece of pottery on her mantle that has a phone number carved on the bottom and dials away. "It's bad. It's really bad. I think it's time for you to come back, Vikram," she says. Boom.Our prediction: Of course Vikram is out there. No one ever saw his body. No one ever knew he had that secret apartment that Regina visited him at. There's much, much more to this story that clearly involves a large portion of the adults in Green Grove.- Who really killed Regina? The...



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