'Suits': A tale of cats, Harold and murderers in 'She's Mine'

British lawyers: They're all no good on "Suits."One fails to meet the emotional needs of his cat, another orders the killing of multiple civilians in a war-torn country and then pins the crime on his client. It's no wonder that all of the New York lawyers in "She's Mine" find themselves pitted against their so-called allies.Oh, and the title? It's pretty much about a cat.About that cat ...Louis has been watching Nigel's beloved kitty, Mikado, while the Brit vacations in China. Alas, Nigel comes home early and -- not surprisingly -- wants his cat to come back. But Louis has come to love the cat as his own and demands a mock trial to gain custody of little Mikado.Since there's pretty much no one else in the firm who likes Louis enough to give him any sort of legitimate defense in a cat custody hearing, it's Rachel who's tapped for the job. She turns...



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