Pretty Little Liars Recap: Gone Baby Gone

Show of hands: How many of you put your money on Ezra? Given my documented dislike of Ezra’s use in the plot up to this point, clearly no one is more excited about this development than I am. That being said, the reveal that Ezra is on the “A” team is like the reveal that Dan Humphrey was Gossip Girl: clearly a late-in-the-game decision by the PLL powers-that-be, so there’s no way previous season’s episodes will hold up to close inspection. (There’s the argument that Ezra is a recent “A” recruit, but I’d still bet that’s something that didn’t occur to anybody until they realized Ezra, having been outed to Aria’s parents and saddled with a boring wife and kid, wouldn’t have much of a plot purpose to serve unless he crossed over to the dark side.)  Read More...


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