'Big Brother 15': Amanda gets another extremely charitable edit

When we last left the "Big Brother 15" hamsters, Elissa had put Aaryn and McCrae on the block, with the former as her target. But there are about to be some serious fireworks in the house. Nomination FalloutAmanda doesn't like two of her alliance members being on the block, but let's be honest -- Amanda could not care less about Aaryn if her man is in danger. He implores Amanda to be nice and not crazy, but as you'll see, she has a very hard time with that when she's not in control of the house. Amanda tries to feel out Elissa's thinking, saying "everybody" wonders why she didn't nominate GinaMarie. Um, nobody is wondering that -- everybody can see that GM is exactly zero threat right now and there are bigger fish to fry. But Elissa is also a terrible, terrible liar and Amanda totally knows that she is going to be the replacement...



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