'Bones' Season 9 preview: Spoilers and a video from the upcoming episodes

What will "Bones" bring when it returns for Season 9 on Monday, Sept. 16? Fans can expect new jobs, relationship changes, guest stars and a whole lot of mysteries. Get some clues with a video preview and a handful of spoilers.The video promo for "Bones" Season 9 has more than a few highlights:Did you know that "Bones" has aired on almost every day of the week over its 9 seasons? It's almost like the show is a hit in spite of itself.There's probably a good, scientific reason why Hodgins is being lowered down from the lab ceiling by a cord.Booth gets slimed.Sweets goes casual (and Booth is worried about him).Hodgins and Angela have a moment of tension about something or other.A few moments later, Hodgins seems to be covered in white stuff -- more than just his white hazmat suit.Oh and there's tension between Booth and Brennan as well.But they'll probably work it out. After...



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