'Hot In Cleveland' Stages Mini-'Just Shoot Me' Reunion

The husband who was not to be named showed up at the hospital after she got a mild concussion, and he was played by Enrico Colantoni. On "Just Shoot Me," Malick was model-turned-editor Nina, while Colantoni played photographer Elliot.

Now, Colantoni played Dr. Julian Cortez, a successful heart surgeon. One problem in their marriage reared up almost immediately when Victoria thought he was a brain surgeon. Her narcissism made it nearly impossible for her to see the people around her. She also insisted that her work as an actor was more important than his work as a surgeon.

Julian told her it was more that he never felt needed. “You put this wall around you. I know you need your friends, and you need your work, but have you ever really needed a man?”  Read More...



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