The Bridge Recap: Scary Man Tate

We need an easel, a ton of photographs, some Post-it notes, and a whole lot of thumb tacks. That feels like the only way to make sense of all the character interconnectedness revealed on this week’s episode of The Bridge: to do this thing El Paso PD–style.


Unfortunately, easels don’t really work on the Internet, so we’re going to have to handle this in the more traditional format known as “recap prose.”

In this week’s Bridge installment, Jack Childress continued to seem like an overly convenient, not-quite-right candidate for Bridge Butcher status, despite the fact that police had him in custody and claimed they had found their killer. No one seemed terribly concerned about that, though, except, of course, Sonya, who is the official spokeswoman for the Not Letting Things Go Foundation. And it’s a good thing, because it was crazy-obvious that Childress wasn’t the killer, to the point where I think we should all start questioning how Hank Wade, Marco Ruiz, and Tim Cooper ever qualified to be law enforcement officials in the first place. (Yes, I know I contended last week that Marco must have played a role in orchestrating the setup that would implicate Childress as the serial killer. Breaking news alert: Based on this week’s episode, now I just think he’s a sloppy, ineffective detective with the sexiest whisper voice on planet Earth. I reserve the right to change my mind about this yet again in seven days or less. Also: Should we all be more suspicious of Hank’s involvement in all this?)  Read More...


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