'Big Brother 15': Will Aaryn use her 'Asian' voice when she meets Julie Chen?

It's pretty much a foregone conclusion who is going home tonight in the "Big Brother 15" house -- so much so that the house is uber-boring, so production had to give them cards and Jenga yesterday. Yikes. However, not all is lost, hamsters. At 11 p.m. PT, Aaryn, GM and Judd are in the color block room and somehow Aaryn manages to segue GM talking the hand she hurt in a competition a few weeks back to talking about Chinese people doing her nails (using her patented "Asian" voice).Aaryn: "You want crystal ball on your nail? You like cheerleader, you like model? Why you no have boyfriend? ... Everywhere the Chinese people do the nails."GM: "Is that like a stereotype or do Chinese people just do good nails? ... do Mexicans mow your lawn?"Aaryn: "Gorillas mow my lawn. ... Nevermind. That's why people think I have issues because GinaMarie says stuff like this and I'm...



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